Saturday, January 9, 2010

Abigail is born!

So, our baby girl was born a few days ago on the 6th. It was definitely an adventure getting there though.
As most of you know, I work in downtown Los Angeles at the Staples Center/Nokia Theatre, which is exactly 80 miles or, an hour and a half away from home. Our hospital we were planning on having the baby is in Apple that adds another 30 minutes to total drive time from work. So when I get the call at 12:30p that Brittany is going into labor and the doctor is only giving me an hour to get there, I was in a bit of a panic! I called my boss and Jim and let them know that I had to leave like, yesterday, they quickly understood and told me to get the hell outta there. I was driving nearly 95mph the entire way weaving in and out of the carpool lane thinking to myself, if I'm gonna get pulled over, it'll be because of my speeding...not using the carpool". Luckily.....not a cop in site. I was getting phone call after phone call telling me 45 more minutes.....20 more minutes......15 more minutes.....where are you?! I finally made it to the hospital in an hour and ten minutes, parking in the dirt since the lot was full...running like my head was on literally pushing me through the doors...nurse franticly giving me my outfit....and I made just as they were wheeling her in to give her her spinal and starting the C-section. I literally just made it. Heavenly Father totally had my back on this one.
She was born beautiful and zero complications three weeks early. Her name is Abigail Mae Royer, and we love her so so much!
We are home now as of yesterday and both Britt and the baby are doing fantastic! Britt is healing very quickly, and Abby continues to grow and get more more beautiful.


Amber Kei said...

I am SO super excited and happy for you all! What a fun story! Hope you continue to heal up, Brittany!
Your daughter is so beautiful!

Rays-R-Us said...

Congratulations you guys! She is beautiful. I'm glad HF kept you safe Travis, but I doubt he condones breaking the law! :P Just kidding... I'm so glad you made it in time. I can't wait to see her :)