Saturday, January 9, 2010

Abigail is born!

So, our baby girl was born a few days ago on the 6th. It was definitely an adventure getting there though.
As most of you know, I work in downtown Los Angeles at the Staples Center/Nokia Theatre, which is exactly 80 miles or, an hour and a half away from home. Our hospital we were planning on having the baby is in Apple that adds another 30 minutes to total drive time from work. So when I get the call at 12:30p that Brittany is going into labor and the doctor is only giving me an hour to get there, I was in a bit of a panic! I called my boss and Jim and let them know that I had to leave like, yesterday, they quickly understood and told me to get the hell outta there. I was driving nearly 95mph the entire way weaving in and out of the carpool lane thinking to myself, if I'm gonna get pulled over, it'll be because of my speeding...not using the carpool". Luckily.....not a cop in site. I was getting phone call after phone call telling me 45 more minutes.....20 more minutes......15 more minutes.....where are you?! I finally made it to the hospital in an hour and ten minutes, parking in the dirt since the lot was full...running like my head was on literally pushing me through the doors...nurse franticly giving me my outfit....and I made just as they were wheeling her in to give her her spinal and starting the C-section. I literally just made it. Heavenly Father totally had my back on this one.
She was born beautiful and zero complications three weeks early. Her name is Abigail Mae Royer, and we love her so so much!
We are home now as of yesterday and both Britt and the baby are doing fantastic! Britt is healing very quickly, and Abby continues to grow and get more more beautiful.

Monday, October 26, 2009

"We have ten minutes to do it!"

We have all but ten minutes to write our blog and update you all what is going down in the life of Brittany and Travis.
First: We went on a 5 day Cabo-Cabo cruise for Brad's birthday and it was awesome!!! We had such a great time with everyone. Our group consisted of Shawn and Emily, Mike and DeeDee, Matt and Alyssa, Karli and Juarez, Mom and Dad, Brad and Amanda, and Brittany and myself. First day of Cabo we all hung out at the beach and did some souvenier shopping. Later that night I was hypnotized and fractured a rib. The next day of Cabo we did a snorkeling adventure, beach hopping on a freaking fast speedboat and snorkling some very private waters. Way too much fun! The rest of the cruise was such a blast, and again...I have ten minutes to write the updates, but details will have to wait.
Second: Brittany went to the hospital the other night when she started having contractions all day long. She is fine, but now has to take medication to stop further contractions (she is only 26 weeks along...still needs to bake awhile) and is now put on bedrest the duration of the pregnancy.

That is the quicky update, and sorry for the lack of updates on this thing. Our bad! Love you all!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Picutre of our TBD baby girl!

So, I figure that I would post a blog and give an update on Brittany's pregnancy before I go to work this morning since she probably won't get time to do so...and I'm so freakin' excited about the baby I can't stop talking about it! lol.

Here is a picture of our (the doctor is about 90% sure) little girl, Abbigail Mae Royer. If somehow she happens to pop out a little wee-wee and become a HE and not a SHE...we will most definately post updates everywhere. But...the doc is quite sure that it's a girl, and no sign of balls or one-eyed trouser snake anywhere. OH! And I got to see her kicking around during the ultrasound! Way too cool. lol Anyways, enjoy the blurry pic in which (unless you are a woman) you can't tell what is the baby. But it does have a head, heart, body, arms, and legs...the arm is in front of her face...good seeing it in my blurry pic. lol

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh ya...We're pregnant too!

Ya, we kinda forgot to announce our prgnancy so for those of you who don't already know...Brittany is pregnant! She is about 12 weeks along so far which is almost exactly one month apart from Amanda. We FINALLY got approved for insurance and are having our first appointment on the 27th of July...15 minutes apart from Amanda at the same location. I think the girls are having way too much fun with this stuff. lol

Family Beach Pictures

So, I finally decided to take the initiative and post about our family picutres experiance at the beach. We had an absolute blast! All of the kids and us adults had a great time playing in the water, taking pictures, and later walking the pier checking the sites. Of course the kids got a little testy at the end, but the free ice cream truck handing our free fudge bars to the kids helped better the situation some. Thank you SOOOO much Alicia for taking the time coming to California and spending time with our family again. We absolutely LOVE your work, not to mention on a more personal basis, LOVE your friendship. Well, here are some of the pics that were taken that day! OH! And I've got an update on my book writing status...Feb 2010 is my completetion goal, and I've knocked out yet another chapter, changed some names a bit to fit the overall feel of the book, and am WAY excited to finish.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sinister 7


When it started, nobody knew exactly what was going on. At first it was overlooked by the general public as another “scare tactic” used by the government to make more money from fear of an outbreak like they did with the swine flu, bird flu, SARS, etc. Not a single person I know prepared for what was going to happen. In fact, we were down-right careless. I feel like it was still government’s fault simply because they cry wolf way too often when the economy, or I.E., their wallets are running dry.

The infection doesn’t start right away of course, and the physical signs don’t appear for quite some-time either. This made it really hard to know exactly who was infected and who wasn’t. At least it’s not airborne like everyone thought at first, thank god!

Could you imagine if it was airborne?! There would be nothing left, NOTHING!!! Earth would become a dead planet as far as I know. Maybe that’s what happened on Mars? Maybe there was life, or some kind of civilization and some crazy airborne infection took over…maybe it doesn’t have to be airborne to eventually take over. Maybe we have a dead planet already and I haven’t accepted the reality of it all. Maybe I’m already dead.

We think the infection originated from India on one of the Leper colonies. We do know that the virus is somehow connected with the leprosy disease. The government thinks that it mutated into some “super-virus” after it combined with who knows what. I don’t really know the exact theory on this, all I know is the name we call it…Sinister 7.

Who came up with the name? I don’t know, but it caught on like a wild fire though. Videos of the infection popped up all over the internet from people either keeping a video diary as they changed, people “exterminating” them, looting, beatings, you name it. This went on for months until communications finally shut down. That’s when it finally sunk in to society’s thick skulls that this is no joke. People are dying! EVERYONE is dying, and the only way to keep from dying was to kill yourself morally and rely on your survival instincts until not even that is good enough! There are no heroes, no shiny light at the end of the tunnel, no rules; just you doing what needs to be done to survive.

All I know is that I am getting tired of surviving. Tired of seeing everyone I love get torn to pieces by those things, turning into those things. Lately I have been having fantasies at night when I pass out from exhaustion that I am infected, what it would be like not to run anymore. Just like the soldiers say, “Only those who have died have seen the end of war”…what a crock! Here’s my new saying, “Those that die come back and start this damned war!”

The infection starts just like any none-airborne virus; the exchange of bodily fluids. Trust me, like the flu it travels wicked fast. And of course your friendly neighborhood street trash helped spread the infection even faster. The Social Security offices, free health clinics, and run-down apartment complexes were freaking cesspools of infection! You learned quickly to stay far-far-away from those buildings like it was the plague. Hah ha, it was the freaking plague! Even after everything that I’ve been through, at least I still have my sense of humor; the only thing that I’ve kept from my former “pitiful” self.

I was some kind of loser before this happened. I barely graduated high-school, took one semester of community college, worked at some worthless job behind a cubicle all day with a boss who could be a reincarnation of the boss from the movie “Office Space”; I was a real “middle-of-the-road” kind of guy. Everything about me was mediocre at best. At least I had her then…

My book writing

So, I have had an idea to write a novel for quite some time now and I got the fever today to finally write it. It took me awhile to piece it all together what I wanted to do and I started writing today. I have the Forward, and most of the first section in chapter 1 finished. Out of excitement, I am going to post my forward on here for you all to read. That is the only thing I'm going to post from my book until it is 100% complete. The goal here for me is to feel accomplished in trying something I've never done before. I would love to have it be good enough to maybe get published some day, but that will most certainly be a pipe dream. lol. Anyway, here is my Forward! Enjoy!